Raindrop Therapy

Keep Your Spine Healthy & Balance the Flow of Energy Throughout Your Body with Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop therapy is a relaxing and invigorating massage combining aromatherapy with a mixture of Swedish massage and a Native American technique called Feather Stroke. While providing a raindrop therapy massage, a sequence of therapeutic grade essential oils are dropped like raindrops onto the back and on the spinal reflex points, and gently massaged in. These essential oils not only promote a healthy spine, they also align and balance the flow of energy throughout the body. Raindrop essential oils increase and align energy flow by opening or releasing blockages that are preventing free circulation. The blends of essential oils that are used in the therapy provide anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial effects. Rain drop therapy involves a light feathering technique, which awakens the nerve roots along the spine and brings energy to the body thus creating a detoxifying effect and also promoting a very deep relaxation.

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