Cyriax Frictions Massage

Maintain Mobility & Prevent Scar Tissue From Forming

What is Cyriax Frictions Massage?

Cyriax Frictions Massage is an advanced technique that applies pressure directly on lesions through manual manipulation.

Also known as deep transverse frictions massage, the treatment is administered by manually manipulating lesions that have formed on tendons, muscles, or soft tissue. Primarily using their finger(s), therapists will apply pressure to the lesion in a transverse (cross) direction to the muscle fibres. This causes the pain-producing lesions to break down. Because the treatment is highly focused on a specific area, it’s critical that the therapist manipulate the proper lesion otherwise they can cause more damage or render the therapy useless. Proper evaluation therefor is crucial, and the therapist must be experienced with using their hands (palpation) to isolate and identify specific tendons, muscles, or soft tissue.


How Does Cyriax Frictions Massage Work?

Breaking down lesions allows for increased blood flow and the regeneration of connective tissue. It also allows previously immobile joints or muscles to move which helps the healing process.

When a tendon or soft tissue is damaged granulation (scar) tissue forms as part of the body’s natural healing process. This granulation tissue can inhibit movement or cause pain due to the extra pressure it exerts to an area compared to regular tissue. Manually manipulating this granulation tissue can a) take away pain immediately through a local anaesthetic effect which b) allows the injured area to regain mobility by forming straight bundles of connective tissue. The friction also prevents adhesions from forming and breaks up ones that already have. It’s also believed that the frictions can lead to an increase in the destruction of pain producing molecules in the affected area.


Dr. Lanre Salami & the History of Cyriax Frictions Massage

Breaking down lesions allows for increased blood flow and the regeneration of connective tissue. It also allows previously immobile joints or muscles to move which helps the healing process.

The method was originally created by Sir Edgar Ferdinand Cyriax, who was an English Orthopedic physician and specialist in mechanotherapeutics. The method was mostly designed during World War II and was used for the rehabilitation of post war soldiers. Sir Ferdinand Cyriax originally practiced the method on his own horses and saw the impact it could have. The method was later developed further by his son James Cyriax, who coined the term orthopedic medicine. In 1991 James gave a seminar to a group of surgeons in London, England. One of them was Sergey’s mentor Dr. Lanre Salami. However, Dr. Salami’s first response was extremely negative. As someone from an African descent he was quite offended when Cyriax offered to teach the Nigerian born surgeon how to perform orthopedic massage therapy. His response was something along the lines of “How dare you imply or suggest something like this? Do you think African people cannot be surgeons?” Dr. Cyriax replied: “Please do not take it personally, maybe one day you could use it.” Next year Dr. Salami immigrated to Canada, where he found that even after he passed his exams, he still needed to wait to be placed in a hospital to be accepted as a surgeon. The waiting list was extremely long, and it could have taken many years before he finally started working. He also did not like the alternative of being a general physician. The situation was resolved when he passed an annual massage course and started to work and teach in different colleges. He also opened his clinic, OMC, where he practices the Cyriax method and successfully treats different physiological dysfunctions. Getting rid of chronic pain can be a serious issue and the clinic’s success speaks for itself. He is booked 6 months in advance and charges more than any other massage practitioner in Calgary because his services are so valued. As his student, Sergey is dedicated to match the standards Dr. Salami has set and do whatever he can to match the level of care Dr. Salami is globally renowned for.

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