Sports Massage Therapy

Prevent Injuries, Recover Faster, Improve your Strength and Mental Toughness

Reduce Your Chances of Suffering of an Injury or Recover from One Faster

Originally developed for high-calibre athletes, sports massage has become popular amongst amateurs, weekend warriors, and those looking to keep fit and healthy throughout their life. Our sports massage Calgary treatment regimen is two-pronged in its approach. The first focuses on preventive measures and massage techniques which help improve flexibility (which any athlete worth their salt will tell you is the most important part of staying injury-free). The second aspect of our sports massage therapy centers around recovering from injuries or soreness by breaking down muscle adhesions via manual manipulation. This also helps improve circulation in the affected area, which promotes faster healing.


Improve Your Recovery Time and Strength

By improving blood and lymph flow throughout your body, sports massage can help delay future muscle fatigue and help you recover from the current muscle fatigue you may be experiencing after greatly exerting yourself in your athletic endeavours. By breaking up adhesions after a particularly rough outing or game, sports massage helps you improve the mobility and range of motion of the impacted area which is crucial for recovery. This in turn allows you to use those otherwise sore muscles more often, improving the strength of them in the long run.


Reduce Stress and Improve Your Mental Toughness

It takes a lot to be at the top of your game. One of the key components of being able to repeatedly perform at a high level is mental fortitude. Our sports massage Calgary treatment regimen not only addressed the physical side of things, but the mental one too. Although a sports massage is not intended to be as relaxing or soothing as a Swedish massage, it still encompasses a lot of the same principles. By getting your mind right and reducing the stress associated with your athletic pursuits, you’ll be able to get in the zone easier the next time you hit the ice, field, or court. Our sports massage therapist Sergey Raiter is an ex-athlete himself, so he can empathize with the specific stresses athletes face and offer advice or guidance.

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