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Sergey Raiter is a Manual Osteopath and Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist, and the creator of Orthopedic Massage Inc.

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Sergey Raiter Is A Specialized & Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist

Sergey’s personal search for better health led him to start his own company with the goal of helping others achieve a pain-free life. As a former athlete, Sergey found himself waking up every day in a great deal of pain. He would have shooting pain in his left shoulder and a lower back that was constantly aching. Sergey could not turn his head very well either, but thought it was just a normal part of aging. His arms sometimes fell asleep, so too did his legs if he sat down for too long. In addition to all of these issues, Sergey suffered a separated shoulder when his old boss at a Thai massage studio tried to perform a new technique on him while he was a student. As you can see, Sergey and pain were well acquainted.

That all began to change when Sergey was in the latter stages of his massage therapy program at Makami College. Sergey had already decided to focus on the therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects of massage therapy, so he was excited when renowned Orthopedic Massage Therapist James Waslaski was set to give a seminar on the discipline. Still suffering from his separated shoulder, Sergey tried to have Mr. Waslaski look at it right away. Instead, the world-renowned therapist preached patience and assured Sergey his shoulder would be perfectly fine by the end of the seminar. Initially Sergey was quite skeptical of Mr. Waslaski’s statement, but after a minute or so his skepticism dissipated. When Mr. Waslaski later asked for someone who was suffering from shoulder pain to act as a volunteer, Sergey nearly leapt out of his chair and was on stage within a matter of seconds. About an hour after receiving the treatment from Mr. Waslaski, Sergey was pain-free.

The transformative experience with Mr. Waslaski propelled Sergey to complete the full Orthopedic Massage Therapy certification program, so he could put everything Mr. Waslaski taught him into practice. Since then Sergey has been fortunate enough to help hundreds of people recover from their physical injuries or conditions, just like Mr. Waslaski did for him.

Sergey’s fascination with Orthopedic massage has continued and has motivated him to become fully certified in Advanced Cyriax Frictions with Seminars for Health. Since then Sergey has received training from Dr. Lanre Salami, who is one of the top rehabilitation specialists in Calgary. 

Sergey has a proven track record of helping people recover from motor vehicle crashes and sports injuries. During his five-year career, Sergey has helped hundreds of people get rid of their pain, improve their overall performance, and recover from car or work-related injuries. 

Sergey also works with office professionals to improve their lifestyle and alleviate the chronic pains associated with prolonged sitting and our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles.

We help you manage chronic pain. Faster!

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