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No More Sore Neck, Shoulders or Hips!

"No more sore neck, shoulders or hips! Before I saw Sergey, I had multiple issues and was starting to wonder if I was ever going to be pain-free. I started feeling better after the first one-hour session and continued to improve with each successive treatment. Sergey is the therapist anyone should see if they are serious about recovery from pain!"


Pain-Free After Two Visits

"I went to see Sergey Raiter with back pain. Within one visit I was feeling good enough that I could sleep without waking in pain. After two visits I was pain-free. After three visits I felt better than I have in years. Sergay's knowledge of massage therapy and the human muscle network is incredible. I highly recommend his skill set to anybody."

Mathew Scott

Treatments That Truly Get to the Root of the Issue

"Sergey's massages are unlike any other I've experienced. After having one appointment with him, I was hooked and couldn't return to any other therapists. His treatments truly get to the root of the issue, to the extent that I don't really need to see him often. His massages are for people looking to work through issues and get rid of them, not so much for relaxation. I highly recommend him if you're looking for someone who understands the body, assesses your situation at the start of every massage appointment, and works to address the root cause of a problem."

Aasha Williams-Blanco

Sergey Clearly Stands Out

"Not all massage therapists are created equally - and Sergey is clearly one that stands out. Excellent technique and abilities. Loved the full assessment prior to getting started. Highly recommend."

Marina Geronazzo

Released the Tension in My Neck!

I was feeling tight all over my back, and especially my neck. Sergey was able to release the tension in my neck and it felt great! He focused on a part of my lower back I didn't even realize was tight. Great massage!

Kim Truong

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