Laser Therapy

First of all, we are not your typical laser therapy clinic. We provide effective massage and manual osteopathy treatments. We just want to combine the benefits of the laser therapy with other modalities.

In our clinic we are using the Bioflex Laser Therapy system. They are approved be Health Canada for temporary relief of pain, spasm, stiffness, and increased circulation. It is beneficial for the following conditions:

Ligament/tendon Sprains/strains Laser therapy helps to speed up the ligament regeneration


Cartilage Tears cartilage has a very low blood supply in generally, increasing the blood supply in the area, helps to restore some minor cartilage cracks.

Disc Herniation damaged disc sometimes heals when then conditions are changed. Normally, proper hip alignment, combined with good hydration and increase of the blood flow in the area are positive factors to that type of injury.

The same principle of increasing the blood flow works for repetitive stress injuries.

Arthritis and degenerative discs


Orthosports Laser therapy will only be provided if needed and agreed upon customer and the therapist. It is not the part of the other treatments. Laser therapy will be booked as a separate session.

We help you manage chronic pain. Faster!

Orthosports can help get you fixed up.