Lower Back and Hip Pain

Treatment begins with a light effleurage (circular, stroking) massage on the lower back. I then move some of the muscles towards the top of the back with long strokes which also prepares the tissue for more rigorous movements later on.

Tissue preparation looks very much like traditional deep tissue massage.

In the demo I’ve determined Matt has a spasm in his left lower back, which I’m able to confirm using a technique from regular massage.

For a problem on the left side, I get the patient to lay on their right side so we can stretch the affected area better.

Once the patient is laying on their right side I put my elbow into the place that’s experiencing a spasm and apply pressure until the muscle has relaxed.

After the muscle is relaxed most problems disappear within moments.

By putting the patient facedown I can double check that the muscles in the lower back are more aligned and looser.

One of the main problems corrected by orthopedic massage in the lower back is functional scoliosis, which is a lot more prevalent now given how much everybody sits.

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