Neck Pain


Most neck pain is located on the back of the neck but there are times when patients have physical restrictions due to front neck muscles in the cervical region. To ready the area I begin with a more standard massage technique which relaxes the muscles. I then start to stretch the neck muscles out with long sweeping motions from the base of the jaw down to the clavicle. Once the muscles have been primed I perform a cross fiber massage to the affected area which realigns the muscles and removes restrictions.


In a way the upper back and back of the neck are the same area because muscles there stretch across both parts of the body. By massaging the neck with circular frictions where the muscle ends I can relieve tightness and pain by loosening the muscles. If a patient has a strained neck I increase the pressure applied in order to access the muscle strain which is often located deep in the muscle system. After massaging the back of the neck thoroughly the patient’s muscles will become loose and tension will be eliminated.

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