Helping you manage chronic pain... faster!

Our clinic offers Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathy treatments. We help you manage carpal tunnel syndrome, jaw pain, plantar fasciitis, and limb and body pain. We take pride in having our very own certified Manual Osteopaths on staff to help you.

Jaw Pain

TMJ Pain



Clicking Jaw

Difficulty Chewing


“Astonished at the improvement in my jaw alignment” – Dianne R


Lower Back & Hip Pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction 

Bulging disc pain 

Lumbar lordosis


Hip capsule problems  


“I suffered from Chronic Lower Back Pain and after one treatment the pain was gone.”  – Sonya S. 


Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff strain, partial tear

Frozen shoulder

Shoulder drop

Numbness, tingling in the arm

Weakness, instability


“Sergey fixed a drop right shoulder after 2 treatments; it had been that way for over 2 decades” – Rod C.


Knee Pain

Iliotibial band (ITB) friction syndrome 

 Patellar tendinitis 

 Chondromalacia (runner’s knee) 

 LCL/MCL sprains 

 ACL/PCL instability 

 Other knee injuries 


“I went to OrthoSports to get a therapeutic massage for a knee injury I sustained while skiing. Sergey did an excellent job working on my knee. So the next day I was well enough to go salsa dancing for 3 hours straight!”


Ankle Sprains & Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles tendinitis 

 Ankle sprains and strains 

 Plantar fasciitis 




Neck Pain

Neck Pain 

 Neck Stiffness 

 Poor mobility  


“I was feeling tight all over my back, and especially my neck. Sergey was able to release the tension in my neck and it felt great!”  – Kim T.


Tennis Elbow & Carpal Tunnel

Medial & lateral epicondyle pain (tennis/golf elbow) 

 Carpal tunnel syndrome 

 Strained muscles/joints 

 Wrist/elbow tendinitis  


“Within one session my cubital tunnel syndrome was cured.”  -Matt N.



 “I have had headaches for so many years and they are slowly getting worse. Usually I take pills 7 days/week. I have also lower back problems when I have walked or trained. My headaches are almost gone. Some days I don’t feel anything, such a good feeling and strange at the same time.” – Ari N. 



Assessment – Treatment – Preventative Maintenance



We start with a comprehensive assessment that ensures your treatment is tailored to you, your specific condition and your goals in order to identify the issue.

  Your assessment begins with a standard questionnaire and targeted conversation about the pain you’re suffering from. We then perform range of motion, passive range of motion, and resistance testing. Once complete we’ll be able to single in on the cause of your pain or discomfort, allowing us to move forward with treatment.

“Sergey was able to quickly assess my shoulder and neck and fixed my tightness and pain.”
-Ally L.



Once we’ve isolated the issue that’s causing you pain we begin treating it with Advanced Cyriax Frictions which target tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, joints and nerves to provide immediate pain relief.

Our treatments are hyper-focused and highly specialized to the exact physical problem you’re facing. Using our extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, we start off by opening up the surface muscles of the affected area in order to access the deep tissue where tendons and ligaments are located. We then generally apply a back and forth motion to the lesion causing pain or discomfort, which provides immediate pain relief and mobility. Once treatment is finished we put you in the best position to remain pain free with preventive maintenance.

“I am blown away by Sergey’s treatment.”
– Vern W.

neck massage

Preventative Maintenance


 Before leaving we tailor and develop a preventive maintenance plan which well help you avoid pain or discomfort between sessions. Primarily made up of stretches that will keep the affected area mobile in order to promote further healing, these plans play a big role in your recovery and are simple enough to do at home or work.

“Really great experience. The assessment and recommended stretches were definitely bonuses!”
-Danika J

We help you manage chronic pain. Faster!

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